Fact Sheet

Ravas Games
Based in USA, Texas

March 21 2020
Press/ Business Contact

History of Ravas

The beginning
Founded in 2020, Ravas Games began as a group of developers and friends coming together from different countries. Realizing that making this game was a destiny. We took the name of Ravas from our core game developers and ideas of our game director and turned it into a commercial product.

We started working on this project since early 2020 and took most of the time planning out the game and then reaching to an approach which will suits the best in order to develop the game. Than we had divided each roles to developers and designers to make this game in action as soon as possible but as development made progress the road was fun and not easy as developing an MMO is never easy but taking this project into positive attitude and working hard towards reaching
our POC version of the game we have made tremendous progress in this project

Where do we stand-

We have fully implemented Multiplayer and half of the environment biomes of the project the core structure of the game is fully implemented but the we have only enable 2 characters for now and very limited features as other parts of the project such as gathering, crafting, and skills and gears that need more detailed work. Right now we have enable 1 range and 1 melee weapon of level 1 which has basic abilities but we have implemented all levels of skills on level 1 weapons.

we will fulfill our journey to reach our goals and destination eventually. If your interested in our project please do help us with kickstarter and donation in order to develop the full fledge version of the game since developing an MMO takes large amount of time and resources.
All donation and funding will go to the development of the game.