Cylindrical could be the de facto kind for several smart speakers, together with WK7 keeps this trend

Cylindrical could be the de facto kind for several smart speakers, together with WK7 keeps this trend

The LG WK7 scars a couple of firsts the Korean monster. Ita€™s the firma€™s first attempt inside ever-growing smart speaker market. Ita€™s in addition one of the first services and products to appear as part of the brand new partnership between LG and British sound specialist Meridian.

The many benefits of this partnership to both brand names are clear. LG supplies Meridian publicity in new product classes within the customer AV industry and also for the part, Meridian delivers years of experience, in locations including sound running and speaker build, to your desk.

The WK7 actually features a€?with Meridian technologya€™ stamped on their outside. But as always, the proof is within the screening. Can the LG WK7 ThinQ Speaker (so it can have its complete and unsnappy title) would both companies justice?

Style and build

Cylindrical could be the de facto kind for a number of smart speakers, additionally the WK7 keeps this trend. Ita€™s a chunky and tallish unit, larger than the Amazon Echo 2 however very since rotund since Apple HomePod, with a similar impact towards Sonos One.

That grey exterior appears some insipid adjacent to the smart white end of a Sonos One, but implies mixing in wona€™t be difficulty. For A?200, the WK7 additionally feels reassuringly weighty.

Unlike the HomePod, having its fancy subwoofer-on-top plan and circular array of tweeters, the LG keps circumstances quick. Through steel grille you can make around a forward-firing dome tweeter resting above a mid/bass driver. Both are made from aluminium.


The WK7 operates over your own wi-fi system, you can also get together supply via Bluetooth. Therea€™s no 3.5mm feedback, but on a radio wise speaker whichna€™t the the termination of society.

Unlike Sonos, LG really doesna€™t offer the option of run two WK7s as a stereo pair. Ita€™s maybe not a deal-breaker, but really worth noting yet.

LG states the WK7 may be the earliest smart presenter to make use of the Android os activities system, that it claims will improve the user experience and allow builders to help make the almost all of the platforma€™s features.

They falls under LGa€™s ThinQ brand of artificial cleverness products, and is run on Bing Assistant. The speaker is served by Chromecast built-in, in order to stream between and connect with suitable means and displays.

The LG WK7 supporting the usual document forms, and native 24bit/96kHz and 24bit/192kHz hi-res sound playback. Any lower-quality music was instantly upsampled to 24bit/96kHz.

It is possible to controls the WK7 several different tips. Talking to the audio speaker is the one alternative – the 2 tiny holes on each side of this amount controls will be the mics. However if you dona€™t extravagant having yahoo Assistant hearing inside the history, you can mute the mics by scraping a button throughout the back of WK7.

Applea€™s HomePod boasts six mics, although Google Assistant inside WK7 however do a great work of responding. Even with musical blasting down at anti-social grade, therea€™s a high probability the vocals will still subscribe.

Ita€™s not great but, within our experience, virtual assistants rarely tend to be.

Therea€™s in addition the Google house software. Youa€™re encouraged to install the apple’s ios or Android os type, by the Google associate as soon as you fire up the WK7 a€“ ita€™s the fastest way to get the audio speaker onto your house system.

Ita€™s an appealing program, and intuitive as well. Whether you intend to learn more about appropriate solutions or establish a multi-room program, the software could there be to help.

Eventually, therea€™s LGa€™s very own Wi-Fi presenter app. It looks and seems dated, are troublesome to use therefore the text on several of the menus is only a little odd.

The only need youa€™d check out this rather than the Google room application is when you want to access the additional sound setup built into the WK7.


Within the software, there was scope to enable and disable just what LG phone calls sharp oral and improved Bass.

The former produces vocals most prominent, pushing all of them aside in to the soundfield and incorporating higher support. The latter improves the degree and results of bass wavelengths.

Ita€™s typically well worth tinkering with this type of configurations, but at this juncture wea€™d stay away. Both modes give up cohesiveness and top-notch noise to this type of a degree the drawbacks surpass any positives.

Become these methods down, position the presenter when you look at the part of a room – on a shelf or near a rear wall surface – and also youa€™ll notice the WK7 performing at their most readily useful. And its particular better is rather good by wise audio speaker criteria.

We start out with a Tidal blast of Musea€™s Madness and LG gets to a good begin.

The presenter drives the track along with objective, and do a fine tasks of distinguishing between your tight punchy bass records as well as the a little smudged low-frequency pulses.

Matt Bellamya€™s voice shipments is clear and clean. They offers area and equal payment making use of the most affordable lows and finest highs.

Therea€™s no sign of the harshness or sibilance which might often blight cordless speakers at this terms. Neither really does the presenter get the safer path and choose for an overly soft or rolled-off audio.

Play chat Tonight by Oasis and Noela€™s voice and classical guitar enjoy work well in tandem.

The WK7 creates a soundstage with impressive size, and good height and width. The LG really doesna€™t fill a room very plus the fruit HomePod, but serves up a greater sense of room and a much bigger soundstage as compared to Sonos One.

However the LG comes all the way down when considering balance. Where in actuality the best in course uphold a much balance across the board, the LG can appear just a little unsteady.

Certain bass notes become overegged as well as have a tendancy to protrude to the soundstage. It willna€™t ruin the audio, neverthelessa€™re alert to it when playing certain kinds of songs.

We’d in addition fancy a lot more drive in the LG’s presentation; more rhythmic accuracy will make for a far more essential audio.


Pursuing the statement back December 2017, we had been intrigued observe the entire LG/Meridian relationship would progress.

A good speaker try a sensible place to start, and while we’re able tona€™t contact the WK7 class-leading ita€™s a pleasant alternative to the current pace-setters from fruit and Sonos, and well worth auditioning.

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