Professional Adventure Travel Business. Ascend by the western or northwest part and descend the south-eastern Chogoria path to traverse the mountain through the peak of aim Lenana.

Professional Adventure Travel Business. Ascend by the western or northwest part and descend the south-eastern Chogoria path to traverse the mountain through the peak of aim Lenana.

Launched by Uk adventurer and mountaineer Gavin Bate in 2001, Adventure Alternative provides quality that is high vacations including climbing expeditions, trekking breaks and wildlife safaris, college trips abroad and charity treks.Fully fused and financially protected, sufficient reason for a flexible ‘covid’ scheduling and reimbursement policy.

Mount Kenya

Treks in Nepal

Borneo Wildlife

Class Trips

Mount Elbrus

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya trek

5 day trip for ВЈ945.00

Trek to aim Lenana top going down and up the Naro Moru and Sirimon roads in the North and western side for the hill.

Mount Kenya Summit Circuit

1 excursion for ВЈ1,295.00

A six time trek to Point Lenana crossing the mountain from western to East and circling the summit massif via a number of the famous high camps.

Mount Kenya Traverse

5 trip for ВЈ1,095.00 time

Treks in Nepal

Everest Base Camp trek

17 excursion for ВЈ1,395.00

Trek to your base of Mount Everest over the Khumbu Glacier, residing in lodges and teahouses and directed by Sherpas.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

18 tour for ВЈ1,545.00

A lovely 17 trek around the less visited Manaslu peak day.

Kanchenjunga base camp trek

26 excursion for ВЈ2,995.00

Remote trek into the base camp associated with the 3rd peak that is highest on earth.

Borneo Wildlife

Borneo Wildlife Tour, Sabah

8 tour for ВЈ1,645.00

Eight wildlife adventure to Sepilok orangutan centre, Kinabatangan river and Deramokot Reserve day. See clouded leopard, elephant and orangutan.

Crazy Borneo, Sarawak

1 trip for ВЈ1,995.00 time

Go to the Penan tribe into the remote rainforest, then famous Mulu caves and trek into the Pinnacles, last but not least remain in an Iban village homestay.

Sabah’s Lost World, Maliau Basin

1 day trip for ВЈ1,995.00

Journey into Sabah’s Lost World to trek into the remote Maliau Basin, and go through the fascinating Murut Homestays in Orou Sapulot.

Class Trips

School Expedition Kenya

1 trip for ВЈ1,495.00 day

Adventure trip combining challenge, travel, enjoyable, culture and community solution. A transformative journey for young adults.

Nepal Class Expedition

1 excursion for ВЈ1,445.00

Adventure trekking, community service, Sherpa culture and conventional home remains with versatile times and supervision that is full.

Tanzania class trip

22 trip for ВЈ1,445.00 time

Adventure, community solution, travel and tradition about this three week journey for young adults underneath the shadow of Kilimanjaro.

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus South Route

11 excursion for ВЈ1,595.00

A vintage ascent of European countries’s greatest top and another associated with seven summits within the Caucasus mountains of Russia.

Mount Elbrus North Route

12 trip for ВЈ1,895.00 time

This expedition on the north part offers an even more challenging climb of this classic volcano in the Caucasus Mountains.

Mount Elbrus Traverse

12 trip for ВЈ1,995.00 time

A challenging visit to ascend the north side and descend the south part for this peak that is russian.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Machame Route Kilimanjaro

10 trip for ВЈ1,895.00 time

Seven time trek that is camping 38 kilometers and a complete ascent of 4157 metres, additionally the most diverse improvement in habitats.

Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro

11 excursion for ВЈ1,995.00

We provide both a seven time and an eight time choice to climb up via the stunning Lemosho path.

Rongai Route Kilimanjaro

10 trip for ВЈ1,955.00 time

The seven day Rongai path begins from the side that is north this has less site visitors and it is a drier route compared to the other people.

Adventure videos that are alternative

Kilimanjaro through the atmosphere

We had been the expedition providers because of this BecomingX Expedition to Kilimanjaro which included shooting the hill from a drone. It was the Machame path.

Himalayas from 20,000 legs

This beautiful movie captures the key reason why you ought to happen to be Nepal and why don’t we simply take sugar daddy rockford you on a guided trek to Everest Base Camp

Wild birds of Sabah

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